Top row(Left to Right): Tariq, Raihan, Yasser, Alex, Joaquin, Amadi, Robert, Nicholas, Armando, Anthony

Back row(Left to Right): Mr. Ben, Sara, Fiza


Who We Are

Paragon Panthers is a First Tech Challenge (FTC) robotics team based in Chandler, AZ. Since 2012, our team has participated in the FTC program and qualified for the State Tournament every year. We design, build, and program robots each year to compete in various preliminaries across Arizona and try to qualify for the state tournament. Aside from the technical aspects of the program, we work diligently to represent FIRST and spread gracious professionalism outside of the First Tech Challenge. Our team won the 2013 State Tournament, qualified for the final West  Regional tournament in 2018, and qualified for State Tournament in 2019. Our team is made up of high school students with varying interests, from building to coding to community outreach. In addition, our team currently consists of students from 18 different countries as a result of our efforts to include students from various different backgrounds in our school’s FTC program. We thank you in advance for your interest in our team.

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“12241: Work Together, Get it Done”

Mission Statement

Our Paragon Panthers robotics team’s mission is to represent the values of FIRST as we compete in the program. These values include sportsmanship, gracious professionalism, and dedication to everything we do. Our team will develop skills on both an individual and collective level to build an effective and responsible team. We hope to produce dedicated and efficient team members that will represent our team, school, state, and the entirety of the FTC program. We will use our cultural diversity to bring together people of different backgrounds to excel in the field of STEM and develop interests in technology that may last a lifetime. Apart from our mission is to build a diverse team with committed teammates that can use their backgrounds to uniquely contribute to and inspire the community.


Our team has collectively set goals for the 2021-22 FTC season. Adding onto our mission of diversity, as a team, we want to show people that anyone can participate in STEM  and benefit from a program such as the First Tech Challenge. Furthermore, our competitive goal is to qualify for the World Tournament for the first time. We will give our best effort to achieve this through constant evaluation and learning from our mistakes. However, our primary goal is to spread our message of gracious professionalism, inclusivity, and the values of FIRST throughout our school and community. We will do this by performing to the best of our ability at every competition and maintaining our code of conduct by displaying FIRST values of sportsmanship,  integrity, and dedication