Goodyear Tournament

Our warm congratulations to all the teams that have attended and participated in the Goodyear tournament of the FIRST Tech Challenge Regional and extend our gratitude to the Wolves for a splendid competition.

The pictures above represent our old set up on the left and our new and improved set up on the right. On February 10th, 5:30 AM our team 12241 met up at our school and packed all our necessities such as the robot, spare pieces, the board, our pins, wristbands, and all the other important objects into a car and set sail to Goodyear at 6 AM. Our school is located in Chandler which is very far from Goodyear, it was a substantial drive which was almost one hour. When we arrived to Goodyear we were welcomed with a military robot which was created using thousands of dollars and could film using a camera using an arm that extended taller than a person. We dropped everything down and set up and we noticed we have significantly improved with our set-up.  We also put out our wristbands and pins so other teams could take them. Our two drivers, Erfan and Cameron, and driver coach, Collin, went to the driver meetings and test drove the robot. As a thank you for letting them borrow our extra expansion hub, the team Knights of the Lab Table brought a generous amount of food as a gift. We decided to share this with the other teams and thanked them very much. After this, we went to judging and it went well. As the qualifiers went on, we ended up getting 3 wins and 2 losses, ending in 8th place. For an alliance, we were chosen by team #12568, Vibrant Robotics, and won both of the semifinal matches. In the final match, we lost to the Jaegers alliance. We left the competition with a 2nd place alliance first choice award.