Helping Hand Loading Day- Outreach Event

Helping Hand Relief and Development is a nonprofit organization that works worldwide to provide humanitarian aid to less fortunate people in countries afflicted by war, natural disasters, or famine. Helping Hand works with local communities to pack donated clothes, food, and supplies, and ship large containers to these countries to be distributed.

We volunteered with the organization Helping Hand for Relief and Development, where we assisted in loading a container for Somalia while representing FIRST. In this effort our goal was to aid the struggling groups that are in the global community under the banner of FIRST.

We wanted to show that FIRST goes beyond the robot and the field and that benefiting the community, both global and local is an important aspect of STEM. After a brief introduction, we began to work, loading boxes of supplies into a container that would be heading to Somalia. After volunteering we showcased our Promobot.

During this we spoke to many of the attendees and volunteers about FIRST and our Promobot. We were able to teach many of the volunteers and attendees about FIRST and we got the opportunity to talk about Promobot and our competing robot.

This was overall a very fun experience where we got to not only support a cause that would benefit the global community, but we were also able to inform people about FIRST and what it represents.