Visiting the Knights

The Paragon Panthers #12241 and the Robosapiens # 10369 visiting the Knights #8081 for the Meet the field event.

The Panther Robotics Team all went to Gilbert Christian High School and met with the two teams. The programming and builders discussed our robot’s parts and the code they used for autonomous. The Knight’s robot wasn’t working at first and both teams helped them fix it, unfortunately it still didn’t work . Afterwards our builders started tightening the screws so the robot wouldn’t fall apart while our programmers improved the code they already made. Meanwhile our Outreach member, Pearce, was working on our new brochures for this 2019-2020 year. After, all 3 teams started comparing their robots. After a few hours of working we said bye to the teams.

When comparing the robots, we figured out we all used mecanum wheels, also known as omni wheels, for our robots. These wheels let the robot move sideways with minimum friction making it as easy as moving forward.

As we were in the event, our programmers learned from the other teams a few things about how to build robots. Our lead programmer, Cameron, says that he learned that, “In autonomous we could use the gyroscope in the hub to tell which direction the robot is facing and rotate according to were the robot is located. Also we talked about distance sensors in order to find the building stage and move it to the building zone.” which helped them know more about how some hardware worked.

“We were talking about the capstone detailed designs”

Mr.Robert helped the Robosapiens team by teaching Nick from that team on how to use the stake machine

All of the members pitched in on ideas for this entry

Thank you Knights for having us!

Also, Ahmed found donuts with sprinkles shaped like D’s which is oh so important.