Exciting New FTC Season!

With the release of the new Ultimate Goal game, our team has been eager to begin this season and start the work on our new robot. Although we may face some challenges regarding COVID-19, we feel confident that our team will be able to start the season off with a bang and have a great time with the challenges that await us in Ultimate Goal!

State at Flagstaff!

On February 22nd, we went to state after qualifying at the Queen Creek qualifier. During the qualifier we got our robot’s arm working and able to stack quite a few blocks on the platform (for info about the game look up FTC Skystone game manual). It was an amazing experience and I will definitely be returning to FTC next year. While we did not qualify for nationals, we would like to congratulate all the teams that did qualify and wish them luck in nationals.

The wonderful tower our robot made during one of the games. This somehow didn’t win us an award.

Connect2STEM Event

On January 25th, Pearce and I (Marco) went to Connect2STEM. It was a very STEM focused event, and also appealed to a younger audience, which worked in our favor since PromoBot dispenses candy. During the event we were approached by the D-Backs’ STEM coordinators, who invited us to their own STEM event that they are inviting a bunch of robotics teams to promote STEM in baseball. Overall, the event was an extremely fun and interesting event, in which we were able to talk to many kids and parents, and I feel we made an impact on the people we talked to.

Go Baby Go Event

Ahmed and I(Marco) are the ones that volunteered for an event called Go Baby Go which is a nonprofit committed to helping toddlers that aren’t able to walk due to a disability and modify toy cars to be able to be used by them and to let them have fun and develop their brains. Our role in this was modifying the cars to be able to fit the kids and to be comfortable and easy to use.